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Quick tips: Risk assessment of a house

How good are your risk assessments? In this blog we take you through a risk assessment of a terrace house...

Quick tips: Commercial kitchen cockroach management

We take a quick look at creating a commercial kitchen plan to treat cockroaches.

What's your learning style: Read write learner?

Like to learn from books and by making notes? You might be a read write learner. In this post we take a look at people who learn best using more traditional teaching methods...

What's your learning style: Auditory learner?

Prefer to listen to instructions, rather than read them? Then, you might be an auditory learner. In this post we take a look at people, who learn by listening and discussing...

What's your learning style: Tactile learner?

Prefer to move, build, try and touch rather than listen or watch? Then you might be a tactile learner. In this post we take a look at the tactile or kinesthetic learner, who learns by touching and doing...

What's your learning style: Visual learner?

Ever wondered why you do well at learning some things, but not others? Chances are it's because of your learning style. Working out your learning style can really help you to study better.  In this blog we look at the visual learner...

Tip of the week: Risk assessment in a domestic house​

Tip of the week: Risk assessment in a domestic house
In the everyday work you carry out, harm can be caused to you, the customer, a member of the public, the customer’s belongings, neighbours, parks, gardens, waterways and animals. Find out more about how to note a risk and what action to take ...

Need practical on-the-job experience?

One-day session – six parts

1. Identify You will identify pest activity from samples provided.
2. Inspect Learn how to inspect a site based on a work order and identified pests.
3. Select Learn about the best types of pesticide formulations and equipment to be used for pro...