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Pest Technician Training

Train to be a pesty online.


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Timber Pest: Inspections and Management Course

Expand into termites

No travel. No schedule. Study when it suits you.


This nationally accredited, online termite course will give existing pest technicians all the knowledge and skills needed to branch into termite and other timber pest management. It covers two units from the Certificate III in Urban Pest Management (CPP30119):

  • Inspect for and report on timber pests (CPPUPM3008).
  • Control timber pest (CPPUPM3010).

Course fee: $2000. Initial payment $1300. Remainder due after enrolment.

Duration: 160 hours

RTO: Rentokil Initial Pty Ltd (RTO no. 40919).


Pest Technician Training Course

Become a Qualified Pest Technician

Study Online - No travel. No schedule. Study while you work.


*please note: To be eligible to register to this course you MUST be already working in the industry.


This fully accredited, online course covers all the pest training you need to apply for your state pest control licence (WA excepted).


It is perfect if you're a trainee or looking for your trainess to get qualified and obtain their licence. Learn online whilst gaining practical working experience.


Combining online theory, video demonstrations, photos and diagrams with practical tasks, you will finish our course confident and work-ready.


Three units of competence from the CPP30119 Certificate III in Urban Pest Management

  • CPUPM3005 manage pests by applying pesticides,
  • CPUPM3006 maintain equipment, and
  • CPUPM3018 pesticide storage area in pest management vehicle.

RTO is Rentokil Initial Pty Ltd (RTO no. 40919).


Note: This course does not cover the full Certificate III and is only suitable for people already working in the pest control industry.