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Do I need a pest control licence?

Do I need a pest control licence?

The short answer is: Yes.

You must have a valid pest control licence to undertake pest management technician work. You need a licence whether you are employed or charge a fee to carry out pest management in urban, domestic or commercial situations.

The long answer is: Yes, but the scope of licence depends on your state or territory.

Different states and territories of Australia have different legislation and licencing authorities to obtain your pest control licence. Find out the differences here.

What is a trainee licence?

Some states require you to have a trainee licence or training permit.

This is required for pest controllers who are undertaking training, where they will be applying pesticides under the supervision of a fully qualified technician and are enrolled with a registered training organisation (RTO).

The table below shows which states and territories require trainee licenses*.

Note: Trainees must practice under the supervision of a licensed technician regardless of requiring a training permit or not.

State Trainee licence required
SA Yes

Why do I need a pest control licence?

There a number of benefits to having a pest control licence:

  • You can work independently and no longer need to be supervised
  • You can register your own pest control business
  • If you operate without a pest control licence, you may be subject to heavy fines and penalties of up to $120, 000 (ouch!).

For more information about the cost, processing times and duration of pest control licences in Australia, click here.

What are the pest technician training changes?

At the end of 2019, Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) changed the industry training requirements. This was a game changer for the pest control industry and has changed how people can enter the industry. New technicians require an increased depth of pest management knowledge in order to gain their qualifications.

They must also demonstrate their practical skills in managing an increased range of pests over an increased number of pest treatments.

Why the change?

The new rules were introduced to improve the quality of pest controllers entering the industry.

What has changed?

  • Those wishing to enter the pest control industry will now need a work placement and must have a workplace supervisor.
  • Trainees will now need to perform ten on-site treatments. Of these, seven will need to be supervised by your workplace trainer and three will require assessment by your RTO assessor.

What does this mean for fully qualified pest technicians?

  • Less competition entering the industry.
  • Higher standards and quality assurance on new trainees.
  • Trainees must be supported by a workplace supervisor– the workplace supervisor must be a fully qualified pest technician.

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*This was correct at the time of writing, but please refer to your State or Territory Licencing Board for their current requirements.

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