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What's your learning style: Tactile learner?

Are you a tactile learner?

Prefer to move, build, try and touch, rather than listen or watch? Find yourself getting fidgety if you have to sit still for too long? Chances are you are a tactile learner.

At WRT we make sure our courses cater to all types of learners, however, working out your main learning style can really help you to study better. In our last blog post we looked at the characteristics of visual learners. This week we've created an infographic to take a look at the tactile learner (also known as a kinesthetic leaner), who learns best by touching and doing. Read on to work out if you are a tactile learner and for tips on how you can study better if you are.

Tactile Learner Infographic

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5/08/2020 2:02 PM