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Quick tips: Risk assessment of a house

How good are your risk assessments? ‚Äč

Slips and trips account for 20% of all lost time injuries every year and the average pest industry compensation payout is $18,000.

A thorough site risk assessment is one of the best ways to reduce slip and trip injuries and will also reduce the risk of other potential harm to you, the customer, their belongings, neighbours, pets, gardens, the public, waterways and animals.

In this video we take you through a risk assessment of a terrace house and what action to take.

Watch our video to find out more.

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This quick tip video is part of the following course: Pest Technician Course - Working in Industry.

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19/04/2019 7:30 AM
The instructor has  simplified the risk assessment in which any one ba able to follow.
22/01/2021 3:53 PM
This is something to look for when assessing.