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How to get your pest control licence in QLD

How to get your pest control licence in QLD

Act(s) name: Pest Management Act 2001
Regulation(s) name: Pest Management Regulation 2003
Licensing authority: Queensland Government Department of Health and Queensland Government Department Primary Industries
Expiry: Up to 5 years

Quick facts:

  • The Department issues two types of licence – Pest Management Technician licence and Termite Management licence
  • For management of timber pests, a special Termite Management licence is offered provided the applicant meets the requirements of the Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA) legislation
  • In Queensland you must be 17 years of age or above to obtain your Pest Management Technician licence
  • No trainee licence is required – trainees must practice under the supervision of a licensed technician.

For more information and to complete an application form for your Queensland pest control licence, click here.

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